When MKTO AND Cody Simpson show up to perform on the same day, things get pretty crazy…


Fans lined up hours before the event to claim their spot in front of the stage.


Before their performance, MKTO’s Malcolm Kelley and Tony Oller took a few minutes with us to answer some questions, sign jeans for fans and get into some new Hollister gear. Malcolm opted for a concert poster t-shirt and Tony picked out printed short sleeve button-down and a >flat brim ball cap.


Energy levels were off the hook for the performance. The crowd moved in sync with the beat of American Dream, had every word of Classic memorized, and let it all out for the finale, Thank You.


And then Cody showed up.

He sat down with us on the sand to take some questions from fans and make a few confessions (he really likes mangos!) before he took the stage for a rare acoustic set.

Wearing his official Hollister T-Shirt (coming soon!), Cody played everyone’s favorites, from La Da Dee to Pretty Brown Eyes, and closed with his newest single, SURFBOARD.


But before the night was over, everyone grabbed a blanket for a movie under the stars.